For customers from overseas

Our shop is located in a peace and quiet small village, which is simply one of those ordinary villages dotted at the northern-west margin of the Japanese largest lake called as “BIWAKO” in “Shiga” next to famous Japanese old city “Kyoto”.
“Shiga” was called in several hundreds years ago as “Omi Province”, and was also historically a strategetic key zone in terms of trade traffics on both ground and lake, so frequently appeared on the dramatic historical phases as well as Kyoto did, that is, “Shiga” is seemed to be the character of the locality playing crucial rolls in history.
We would like to introduce you many historical beautiful items found here, on this HP.
We wish you will appreciate such Japanese historical items, and will feel much of an attraction to them, respectively, and then we are exceedingly happier if some of them could be added to your collection sometime.

957 Nakasyou, Makino, Takashima-city 520-182, Shiga-pref., Japan
Wakottou IBUKI

About this HP

Thank you very much for popping in our HP this time. For customers from overseas, let’s show you how to use it. Have a read through before shopping, will you?


  • * Overseas customers are also always welcome, though, you are kindly requested to understand in advance that you will mainly enter a trade with us through J/E translation software due to shortage of English speaking staff.
  • * Either Japanese or English is only available on business.
  • * Mail us in either Japanese or English for inquiry if any.
  • * We are sorry to say that any inquiry in English via telephone is not accepted.
  • * We are not able to ship internationally any items concerning “Furniture & Antique” category.
  • * You are kindly requested to note in advance there are some items we are not able to ship abroad even if those were in other categories.
  • * Normally items are shipped abroad by EMS of Japan Post Office, though, there are some parts of overseas to which any items are not delivered. In that case it is impossible to dispatch anything. We ask for your kind understanding.
  • * We will ship it within three(3) working days (except holidays) as soon as payment is confirmed, and advise you necessary shipping details such as slip number by mail at the time, though, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience which may be caused by a long holiday or the like, conforming to the ways of the Japanese traditional community.

How to purchase what you want?

■ About Buyee

For any customers who prefer to buy it through an international broker, an overseas mail-order agency “Buyee” is available. On each page showing an item of interest, a direct link to the same item on other site “Buyee” has been put. On the site “Buyee”, either translation suitable for you from Japanese to English or from Japanese to Chinese, is available to select. When your order is placed on the site “Buyee”, “Buyee” buys items from us on behalf of you so as to deliver them to you abroad.

* On the site “Buyee”, service charge and overseas shipping charge separately stated, are required.

* As it is different from our site, inquire the following site “Buyee” for more information in detail about how to use it and service charge.

The overseas mail-order agency “Buyee”

■ About a shopping cart on our HP

  • 1. Only “Credit Card payment” or “Pay Pal” is accepted when it is used on the HP from abroad.
  • 2. The shopping cart is entirely described in Japanese, and the amount is displayed in Japanese Yen, too.
    The exchange rate is converted on each module of Pay Pal or Credit for payment.
  • 3. The shopping procedures with a cart flow as described below. (Here is an explanation for each customer who does not register as a member.)
    • 1) Click on an item of interest to select, and then click on「カゴに入れる」 to put it into a shopping cart.
    • 2) The item selected is found in 「現在のカゴの中」” now in the cart” A number of items are displayed when other item is more selected.
    • 3) On the page for「現在のカゴの中」” now in the cart”, click on「購入手続きへ」”to purchasing steps”, at the bottom right of the page, to enter 「ログイン」screen for login.
    • 4) For any customer without enrolling as a member, click on「購入手続きへ」”to purchasing steps”, at the bottom of the same page, to go to 「お客様情報入力」page for keeping customer information.
    • 5) Fill in the required fields of the form (※ is a mark for required entry), and click on 「次へ」”a step forward” to go to 「お支払方法の指定」for selecting your choice of payment.
    • 6) Check either 「クレジットカード決済」”credit card payment” box or 「PayPal」box at the top on the page for「お支払方法の指定」, and then click on 「次へ」”a step forward” at the bottom.
    • 7) Confirm the entry on the page for「入力内容のご確認」to complete your order online at the bottom of the page.
    • 8) This order is accepted as a provisional order until the details such as freight, are confirmed, and a mail for the order is once automatically delivered back to you.
    • 9) After that, upon confirmation of freight or the like, either a PayPal invoice mail is delivered to you when the “PayPal” payment is selected, or a credit payment system of 「三菱UFJニコス」”Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS “ is delivered in mail to you when 「クレジット決済」the credit payment is selected, so that you could settle the payment upon confirmation of the details on the payment screen from the link enclosed to the mail.

The shipment of the item is arranged promptly when your payment by credit or PayPal, is confirmed.

Wakottou HP translation 12/21/2015/H.Ibuki